You can save hundreds of dollars every year, on your normal purchases without changing where you shop. 

API Leisure & Lifestyle has been helping members for over 100 years. The sooner you start using the facilities, the sooner you will save meaningful money.

Answers to common questions can be found by clicking on the questions below.

Through bulk purchasing power, savings are negotiated. API passes on the savings to you.
The app offers the convenience of being able to access the benefits even when you are in the store. Alternatively, you can access the benefits via your computer and the API website. There are 3 main ways you get the savings:
1. Save with eGift cards.
You buy an eGift card for a retailer at below the face value, IE if the discount is 5%, you pay $190 and you instantly receive an eGift card with $200 face value, eg JB Hi-Fi & The Good Guys. If the discount is 10%, you will only pay $180 for the eGift card with $200 face value, eg Rebel Sport and Country Road.
2. Earn Cashback.
Some retailers do not offer eGift cards. For these retailers, selecting the link in the API website will take you to the retailer’s own website, from where you make online purchases as normal. The advertised Cashback will be transferred to your API Account, eg if you have accessed from the API website, you will earn 6% Cashback. This means if you book a $1500 trip, $90 will be transferred to your API Account, for you to spend or transfer to a bank account.
3. A few products are offered at a saving to the retail price.
Example, API Holiday Homes have special member prices, and all adventures booked via Experience Oz are already at 10% below the market rate.
What is an eGift Card?
eGift cards are electronic gift cards. They work the same way as a physical gift card, but have the added advantage that you receive them instantly when you buy them through the API website. Through API , you can buy eGift cards at below the face value, ie if the discount is 4%, you pay just $192 and you instantly receive an eGift card with $200 face value, eg Coles & Woolworths eGift cards. If the discount is 10%, you will only pay $90 for the eGift card with $100 face value, eg Rebel Sport.
When and how will I receive the eGift Card?
Most eGift cards will arrive into your personal ‘My Account’ as soon as you have paid for them. When you log into the API secure website, there is an area already set up for you called 'My Account'. The eGift cards can be viewed or printed from there.
How do I redeem the eGift Card?
It's simple. Using the app or a printed copy, just present the eGift card to the cashier, or follow the prompts at self-checkout facilities or online (where applicable). As the eGift card is the standard eGift card used by that store, no one will know you paid less than face value for it.
Do I have to spend all the value of the eGift card in one transaction?
No. Any money left on the eGift card can be used in subsequent transactions, up until the expiry date. The expiry date is clearly identified and is up to 3 year. You can also use cash or credit to make up the difference if you do not have enough credit on the eGift card. Alternatively, you could also purchase another eGift card instantly to pay for the balance.
What is Cashback?
Cashback is a facility where a percentage of the amount you spend on buying an item, is returned to you. (less GST)
How do I earn cashback?
Simply login to the API website and select one of the retailers which provide Cashback, eg Expedia. You will be taken to the retailer's own website, where you make your normal transaction. The advertised Cashback percentage will then be transferred to your own 'My Account' within the API website. 'My Account' is automatically set up when you join API.
How can I access the money earned from Cashback?
You can use the money to pay towards your next gift card purchase, or transfer the cash into your bank account. A lot of API members let it accumulate, and then use it at Christmas time to buy gifts.
What is the advantage of staying at an API Holiday Home?
API members can stay in API-owned holiday homes at well below the market rate.
Where can I see more information about the API Holiday Homes?
On the home page there is a link to the API Holiday Homes site. Alternatively search
How long has API been in business?
API is a not-for-profit organisation set up to benefit members. API has been operating for over 100 years.
What are the main benefits?
The major purpose is to improve your lifestyle, by having more money in your wallet. This is achieved by getting discounts at the places where you are already shopping.
What happens if I want to leave API for any reason?
Your membership is usually paid by a monthly direct debit. We can stop the direct debit, which will also permanently stop your membership, on request and assuming there are no outstanding bills. Please note, you have to be an active member to stay in the API Holiday Homes.
Who can join API?
Anyone can join API to become an individual member. The individual membership may be used by the individual, their partner and dependent children for their personal living needs. It must not be used for business or other purposes. If a business or social group is interested in purchasing membership on behalf of its staff, please contact us at
Mobile Phone, Tablet, PC or all three!
Anything you do/purchase using one device is available to view or use on the other two devices as well. It's that convenient. Remember, the eGift cards are standard eGift cards issued by that store, so no one will know you purchased them at less than face value, when you use them in the store.
Mobile Phone App
The 'SmartSpending' mobile phone app is your fastest and most convenient access to benefits while on the go. You can purchase new eGift cards while in a store, or access an eGift card you purchased previously using your PC or tablet. Using the mobile phone app means you need never miss an opportunity to save when you see an unexpected 'must have' bargain.
Some people prefer to use their tablet, as the screen is bigger than their mobile phone screen. You can access and purchase and display eGift cards. You can make Cashback purchases and do anything you can do on your PC. Please note the 'SmartSpending' app will not work on a tablet so just use the web browser.
You can access everything by logging into You can purchase eGift Cards and then view and/or print them in 'My Account'. Some people prefer to print the eGift card so they have a hard copy before going to the store. You can make Cashback purchases, review your Cashback transactions and use the money in your Cashback account.

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